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I was sitting here, thinking about my day, trying to decide what to give thanks for.  I’m distracted by the television, Twitter, my son stalling before going to bed, and my sore legs…we worked on legs tonight.

I wasn’t sure exactly which direction to go with my post, when a Tweet popped up from my friend, Roxanne Krysalli.  It was a quote from Leonard Cohen:

“Forget your perfect offering. There is a crack in everything. That’s how the light gets in.”

Something about this hit me right square in the heart.

We try so hard, each of us.  Whether it’s with our jobs, with our families, or with the creative endeavors that we take on, it’s so easy to  focus on the negative   I love the idea of forgiving the imperfections.

This year has been such an incredible journey for me.  Next week will be one year since my dear grandmother died, and since I signed up for reverb10.  I’ve tried new things, some more successfully than others…taken some risks and put myself out there.  I like the idea that my light is shining through.

Tonight, I am thankful for the gifts of inspiration, knowledge and for the friends and family that help share that light with me.

I’m participating in #30daysofThanks, inspired by my friend, Amanda, over at www.memydogsmylife.com.  We are finding one thing each day in November to be grateful for.  Join in!  Just use the tag #30daysofThanks and blog or Tweet your daily item.