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I’m not a big beer drinker; but, every once in a while, a beer sounds good.  On Friday nights, we typically go out for dinner…usually pizza.  More often than not, I’ll have a glass of wine.  This Friday, a beer sounded really good.

I’ve mentioned that we’ve been going to the same little pizza place in our neighborhood since it first opened about eight years ago.  Because we are in there a couple of times a month, we’ve gotten to know the staff, and they know us.

Several “generations” of waitresses have come and gone.  Now, Isabel is working there.  She told us that the staff all compete to get to wait on us…because we’re good tippers, I’m sure.  Isabel says that it’s because we’re fun to talk to AND because we’re good tippers.

I’m thankful that at the end of a long, stupid week, we have the means to go out, have a good dinner and drink a beer.

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