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My friend, Amanda, over at www.memydogsmylife.com, has started #30daysofThanks.  This has come along just when I needed it.  I’ve gotten out of the habit of writing every day and I needed something to prompt me…something to get the juices flowing again.

The holidays are bearing down on us and life is extremely hectic.  Taking a moment in each day to give thanks for something should be a great way to focus on the positive in life.  It’s so easy to get caught up in the stress and the snark.

Thank you, Amanda.  I appreciate that you got this rolling, even though you are currently going on five days with no power at home or at work!

I had intended to write first about something that had happened to my husband; but, this morning, we got news that has had me weepy all day long.

My daughter, Isabel, was supposed to go out with her friends last night.  At seventeen, they are way past the point of Trick or Treating on Halloween, and had planned to go to see a scary movie.

Early in the afternoon, Isabel got a call from one of the girls, and was told that the plans were cancelled.  There had been some sort of family emergency.  Isabel was disappointed, but we didn’t think too much about it.

Right after I dropped her off at school this morning, Isabel sent me a text message.  Her friend’s mother had died yesterday.  Her friend had found her mom and tried to perform CPR; but, the mom had been dead for too long.  They couldn’t resuscitate her.

To imagine that dreadful scene, and to know the shock and grief that Isabel’s friend faces produces a physical reaction in me.  I feel ill and want to take the girl in my arms and not let go.

I know that it’s the natural order for parents to die first, but to lose your mother during your senior year of high school…it just seems to cruel.  I couldn’t imagine losing my mother.  We are so close, and she’s such a big part of my life that I would be lost without her.

I talked to Isabel a lot throughout the day…much more than normal.  She asked if she could attend the funeral, even if it was during a school day. Thinking back to my own stepfather’s funeral, I remember how much I appreciated that my friends had come to the funeral for me.  I assured Isabel that she could certainly go.

Prior to all of this, I’d been feeling a bit annoyed by a perceived slight by someone that I look up to.  I had spent a good deal of time while getting ready this morning, worrying it and chewing all of the flavor out of it, as the saying goes.  Isabel’s text gave me some serious perspective.  I need to focus on the ones that I love, and that love me for me.

Because this project is about being thankful, I am thankful for the wonderful woman that is my mother, and for the lovely, compassionate young woman that my daughter is becoming.  I am thankful for the love that they both give to me, unconditionally.

Remember that you can join in on this project!  Post something on your blog, or tweet using the #30daysofThanks tag.