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My friend, Matt, over at M.A. Brotherton – Professional Adult, is a blogger, a doodler and an all-around good guy.  A while back, he created The Blogging Bushido badge, along with the concept of Blogging with Honor.  With his permission, we could happily grab that badge for our own blogs, as long as we also wrote about our notion of blogging with honor & linked back to his blog.

Blogging, for me, started out as an exercise in navel gazing.  My first month’s worth of posts wer responses to prompts through reverb10.  The prompts were geared to encourage introspection and evaluation of the year we were just ending.  It came at a time when I was sorely in need of some sort of life raft.  I had experienced some life-changing experiences and I had just lost my dear grandmother.

As I continued on with my blog, it’s become slightly schizophrenic.  Sometimes I post about something from my day, sometimes about my take on world events.  Sometimes, my posts are nothing more than a poem or a picture.

One thing that I decided early on was that I had to be respectful, to be careful and to be honest.  Blogging with honor, to me, means that though I may post about myself and the things that affect me, I have to consider how I write about others.  There have been times when things have happened with my kids or that I am struggling with in a personal relationship.  I’ve started posts and deleted them before hitting publish. 

there have been some fairly momentous events in the lives of the people that I love; but, because it is their story as much as mine, it’s not necessarily mine to tell.

Respecting those boundaries is part of the responsibility of each blogger.  It would not be fair of my to treat this as a forum to air the dirty laundry of every argument I have with my husband.  I don’t talk about work.  This is not the same thing as a personal diary.

Recently, Facebook made some changes in the set up, and it bothered a lot of people.  Several of those that I am connected to on Facebook posted status updates asking each of their friends to change our privacy settings so that their privacy was maintained.  I thought about it for a while, and I don’t agree.  We are all using social media.  Whether it is on  Facebook, Twitter, or a personal blog, we are putting ourselves out there.  The moment that we do, it ceases to be ours.  If we don’t want something out there, we should not put it out there.

If I post something on my blog, I lose control over who sees it.  I am responsible for my content right up to that moment.  So it’s up to me to be responsible with what I post.  This is not the same as censoring myself.  It’s simply being aware of the power of our words.

You may read about my misadventures as a roller derby queen wannabe, as a wife and mother of two teenagers, my political views, etc.  You won’t read about the squabbles in our house, how I feel about my in-laws or anything disrespectful of other bloggers.

I will strive to blog with honor, presenting a positive force on the internet…we could certainly use more of that!