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End of a shift

Last night, Isabel came home from her first Friday night shift at the pizza place.  After each shift, she has been exceptionally talkative, full of stories of co-workers, customers and the novelty of smelling like food when you come home.

After last night’s shift, she was brimming with indignation.  Seems that she got her first taste of the frustrations of working with people who do not take their jobs seriously, who are just there to fold pizza boxes, drink soda and flirt with the new delivery driver.

We have been going to this particular pizza place for probably eight or nine years, since it first opened.  Isabel grew up going there most Friday nights of her childhood.  It has been something of a ritual, and we would meet my cousin, Tom, and his family.  We’ve come to know the staff, and they know us…we are family.

Isabel has watched her father and I work extremely hard over the years.  We are good at our jobs and we take them very seriously.  In my case, I am in the career that I am in, thanks to my cousin, Lisa.  She first got me a job at the company where she worked.  Because I didn’t want to embarrass her or let her down, I set out to prove myself and make sure that she would never regret recommending me.  Thank goodness Isabel seems to treat her job the same way.  I’m pretty sure that she learned the put-upon attitude from us, though.  There’s nothing worse than working hard, making an effort, and watching others sit back on their thumbs, wasting a day away.

After listening to her expound at length for twenty minutes about the unfairness of having to single-handedly run the hostess station AND bus tables while others goofed off, I reassured Isabel that she had done her best and that the other newbies wouldn’t last long.  The manager and the wait staff were paying attention.  They appreciated her efforts.

On the one hand, I’m sorry to see Isabel have to learn such a lesson – there will always be those that do as little as possible and still make money equal to and often greater than those that put in the extra effort.  On the other hand, I am proud of our girl, knowing that she is using this job as an opportunity to learn responsibility.  It is a sobering experience for a parent, to watch your child take another step into the adult world.