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August Break – August 14th

Fresh Chiles

My poor husband. 

Dave is from Ohio, and grew up with a true Midwestern tummy.  He is a meat & potatoes kind of guy.

Then, he met me.  I am part of a family that likes it hot.  Not just Pace Picante hot.  I’m talking tongue-searing, begging-for-a-glass-of-milk, oh-dear-God-please-let-there-be-ice-cream-for-dessert hot.  My grandmother’s chili is legendary, and something of a family joke.  It was used for years as a sort of hazing for those that would venture to marry into the family.

I make a lot of Mexican food, but I typically buy a couple of levels of salsa.  Ben and I will eat the hottest stuff, and Dave & Isabel will suffer through the mild sauces.

Tonight, I tried a new recipe – Taco Stuffed Shells.  it’s the same idea as Italian stuffed shells, but with Mexican ingredients…salsa instead of marinara, chile instead of oregano.  We can always get fresh chiles in Arizona, but these were especially nice.  They were added to the mix, along with spicy taco seasoning, and a sauce that had much more zip than I realized.

I knew, the minute Dave took a bite that it was going to be rough on him.  Immediately, he coughed, and then his face turned red.  His eyes started to sweat.  Isabel, too, looked warm.  Ben just shrugged and went back for seconds.  I hadn’t even noticed the spice.

Dave was a good sport, and cleaned his plate, but I know that I’m going to have to tone it down for a while.  I can only do this to the poor guy a couple of times a year.  Either that, or get used to hearing “Burning Ring of Fire” from the bathroom the next morning.

I’m participating in Susannah Conway’s August Break project:

The plan is: you simply share  one photo  (or more!) per day on your blog – Monday to Friday, or every  day .Or whenever you feel moved to share. Using any camera – DSLR, compact,  Polaroid,  Holga, iPhone (my  choice), Instax, film or digital – with or  without words –  anything goes! – for the whole of August.  No pressure  – just looking at August through  your camera lens as a  way to be more  present this summer. And to have a  little break from  the pressures and  expectations of regular (wordy) blogging.

There are NO RULES, people! Just sunshine (hopefully) and a bit of fun. And lots of lovely photos to look at.

If you’d like to join, follow this link:  http://www.susannahconway.com/page/2/