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August Break – August 13th

Lazy River?

What looks like a small stream meandering along into a pool is actually a sidewalk covered with run-off from a brief summer storm.  I had set out for a morning walk, while our son was at football practice in this park.

The monsoons produce quick, sometimes violent storms that crash over you, drop rain very quickly, and then disappear. 

All around Phoenix, there are “parks” that are actually built to catch the run-off from these storms.  Because the land is so dry, and the earth is so hard, water doesn’t have much chance of soaking in.  The green belt across the street from our house is built for this.  Remember in “Finding Nemo,” all drains lead to the ocean?  Well, in Phoenix, all rains lead to the green belt.  About two years ago, after one very prolonged storm, our green belt was full…full enough that one of our neighbors took his rowboat out and was paddling around.

The water runs fast and can turn roadways and neighborhoods treacherous. 

It’s even caused there to be a “Stupid Motorist” law. 

It’s common to watch the news after one of these storms, and see some sort of water rescue.  Inevitably, some fool has tried to drive across a fast-moving flash flood in an intersection or lower lying piece of roadway, and gotten stuck.  Every year, emergency crews have to risk their necks saving some idiot from atop their vehicle.

This storm didn’t produce nearly that much rain, but it did hamper my morning walk. 

I’m participating in Susannah Conway’s August Break project:

The plan is: you simply share  one photo  (or more!) per day on your blog – Monday to Friday, or every  day .Or whenever you feel moved to share. Using any camera – DSLR, compact,  Polaroid,  Holga, iPhone (my  choice), Instax, film or digital – with or  without words –  anything goes! – for the whole of August.  No pressure  – just looking at August through  your camera lens as a  way to be more  present this summer. And to have a  little break from  the pressures and  expectations of regular (wordy) blogging.

There are NO RULES, people! Just sunshine (hopefully) and a bit of fun. And lots of lovely photos to look at.

If you’d like to join, follow this link:  http://www.susannahconway.com/page/2/