This photo was taken at the roller derby bout that we went to on Saturday night.  The crowd was one of the most eclectic that I had ever experienced, and this young woman was, while colorful, certainly not the most unusual person that we saw that night. 

This gal was either a really big fan, or a former roller derby dame.  Her hair, bright red, was meant to call attention, and was worn up, so as to make her tattoo visible.

I would say that we expected to see folks that looked like this.  The surprise came from all of the other types that we saw there…including ourselves.  In addition to the people with enormous mohawks, tattoos and piercings, we saw little old ladies coming in with walkers, parents with small children, college kids, groups of guys, groups of girls…you name it.

I just liked that this woman was part of a crowd there to see an exciting sport, presented with camp and bawdiness.  She just blended in.  In any other situation, she would stick out like a beacon.

(image credit – Brandeewine)