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Reverb 11 – July Prompt:  What new thing will you try this month?

The month started out as routine as any other.  Work has been really busy, and we’ve been enjoying the time off from my son’s football schedule.  Getting Isabel ready for her senior year & driving, and getting Ben ready for Cambridge Academy has been a focus.  There wasn’t much new planned.  I’ve been working on the ideas for some projects, but they are in their infancy.  My friend, Tracy, and I have been entertaining the idea of collaborating on a children’s story or at least illustrating one of her poems.  I’ve been searching around for some writing projects, or some photography challenges, as well.

I seem to be jack of all trades, master of none at this point; but, just the potential that has opened up is refreshing.

This past weekend, another possibility popped up.  It’s something that is not going to take place this month…it’s down the road a ways; but, I am seriously considering a tryout with a roller derby league.  After my post yesterday, I had several responses from members of the league…women who are just like me, always fascinated by derby, but not sure if they could cut it.  I was even gratified to hear that there are several women in their 40’s in the league, from all walks of life.  Several are mothers, most have full time jobs.  I think that I’m running out of excuses!

We belong to a gym, and I’ve been half-assing it for several months.  Tonight, I went and worked out with renewed purpose.  To have an actual goal…even if that goal is to not make a complete fool of myself, is something.  I joked with my family that I should start a new blog:  “Derby Dreams – One Woman’s Quest to Make it As a Derby Dame.”

I suppose that the journey itself could provide a lot of writing material.

Stay tuned.  This could get weird!