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Bartlett House – Saguaro Ranch Park, Glendale, AZ

Bartlett House - 1891

The Bartlett House, on the grounds of Saguaro Ranch Park was built in sections.  This section was originally constructed as an office for the ranch superintendent in 1891.

After William Bartlett’s son was diagnosed with tuberculosis in 1898, the house on the left was built to accommodate the family during the following winter, which they spent here in hope that Arizona’s dry air would aid his recovery. 

Bartlett Family Residence - 1895

On the day that I took these pictures, it was 110 degrees.  I had just come from a business meeting, and was not dressed for walking down dirt roads.  Wearing all black and high-heeled sandals impaired my desire to spend much time framing my shots well.

Given a cooler day, or a little more forethought, I would have dressed appropriately and could have looked around and taken some pictures of the peacocks that wander the grounds of the park.  My grandparents lived close to this park, and you could often hear the cat-like yowling of the birds as they strolled through the orange groves.