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Slow Start on a Saturday

View from our bedroom

Early Saturday mornings in the summertime are something to be relished.  Our kids are teenagers, which means that we are well past early Saturday morning television blaring cartoons, waking us up.  It’s also the one time during the year that we aren’t rushing around, gathering up all of our gear for a football game.  Football seasons mean we lose our Saturdays.

This morning, the house is quiet.  Dave has gone outside to wash his new car …”Ferris, he never drives it!  He just rubs it with a diaper!”  The dogs meander outside for the morning announcements, causing the dog door to slap.  Apparently, our house is home to the local news anchors.  They make sure that the whole neighborhood is caught up on all of the happenings of the day.  This week’s highlights include a stray cat in our back yard, Bailey’s haircut, and “She’s getting ice!  She’s getting ice!  For the love of Pete, she’s getting ICE!”  Every time one of us uses the ice dispenser on our refrigerator, Bailey flies out of the dog door in a fury, barking his fool head off.

When I got home last night, we were supposed to go to dinner with our cousins; but, Dave got it in his head that before we could leave, Bailey needed to be shaved down.  Bailey is a little Sheltie, and has a ridiculously heavy coat.  Unfortunately, because we got him as a puppy, his only example for …ahem…using the facilities has been Breezy…a girl.  He has always squatted to go to the bathroom, rather than raising his leg like other boys.  Our little metro sexual dog had a bottom full of dingleberries and that decidedly affected his charm…not to mention the smell.  Dave and I cordoned off the kitchen and got down to business.  Dave handled the shears, and took care of the worst parts.  At one point, I started to giggle, as a song from Dr. Demento popped into my head.  I sang, “There’s Klingons over on the starboard bow, starboard bow, starboard bow!  There’s Klingons over on the starboard bow, what’ll we do, sir?”  After two hours of work, we had enough fur to make a whole other dog; but, Bailey was definitely lighter, much cooler, and after a quick bath, much more pleasant to be around!

Nakie Bailey

We cleaned ourselves up and took off for dinner.  There’s a really good Chinese food restaurant in the heart of Sun City.  This means that after about 6:30, the place is deserted, so we had great food, devoted service and some really pessimistic fortune cookies!  Mine said, “Be careful walking alone in the dark.” 

Today, we’ve planned our day around Harry Potter.  We are devoted Potterphiles.  I started reading the books before letting the kids get hold of them.  There was such a flap over them, that I wanted to make sure I knew what the kids were in for.  As far as I am concerned, they are exactly the types of books that I want my kids reading…infinitely better than the dreck that is “Twilight.”  I was enchanted by the world that J.K. Rowling had created, and the movies have been just as wonderful.  Imagine being twelve years old and suddenly discovering that you can do magic.  I know that I would walk around with a huge grin on my face, constantly amazed and would delightedly echo Harry, “I LOVE magic!”

Tomorrow, we are having dinner with my parents.  I’m looking forward to it, as my mother has spent about a week and a half cleaning out her work room.  She’s found boxes of pictures from when I was younger.  That should be fun/cringe-worthy!

In between all of this, normal chores must be done, and I want to get some additional writing done.  I’d also like to work on taking some pictures.  I stopped earlier this week to take pictures at the Saguaro Ranch Park.  The theme for the WordPress Postaday Photo Challenge was “Old Fashioned.”  There is a group of buildings in the park that were built in the late 1800’s.  The pictures aren’t stellar, but it was close to 110 degrees that afternoon, and I was wearing black and heels inappropriate for walking down dirt roads.

So much for blogging…I suppose that this is more stream of conscious than an actual post.  My writer friends have been very encouraging, and have said that it’s the process of getting things down on paper or on the screen.  I hope that you have a wonderful weekend.