This weekend, I turned forty-three.  That’s not one of the big ones…not a milestone, and not one that called for any big fanfare.  I spent the weekend with family, and on my own.


When my cousin, Tom, and I turned forty, we went to Vegas.  THAT was fun.  We went to shows, stayed out way too late, drank too much and had a blast.

This year, I was a bit blue, as it’s been a tough six months.

I’m fortunate, though.  Birthdays are a cause for celebration, and my mother has always made a point to get us to relish the day.  Being born on May 28th guarantees that, thanks to Memorial Day, I get a long weekend every year.  I took Friday off, and had a four day weekend.  It was a much-needed break, even though I was scrambling to get some information for a client at the last minute on the Friday afternoon of a holday weekend….on my day off!

I took the kids on Friday morning, and we went to a little neighborhood diner for breakfast.  Nothing like french toast and a steaming cup of coffee to start a special weekend.  Next, I put Isabel behind the wheel and we took off for IKEA.  Now, that may not sound like any big deal, but letting my permit-holding 17-year old drive three major freeways and 45 miles was HUGE people!  She did really well, and we got across town safe and sound.  We spent the next couple of hours wandering around IKEA, getting ideas for some projects around the house.

That evening, we celebrated my birthday and my cousin, Tom’s, at dinner.  Tom is five days older than I am, and we’ve always been close.  It was nice to get Lisa out and to spend some time laughing and having fun.  Their oldest daughter is the same age as Ben, but their younger daughter is four.  She’s at that very precocious age, where she suddenly has become Sally the Sailor…at least, she swears like one!  I know that you’re not supposed to laugh, but hearing a little kid use words like that appropriately, well…I’m going to laugh.

On Saturday, Dave took the kids to Phoenix ComicCon.  I really was not up for a long day of geekdom.  I took the opportunity to get my toes done, wash the car and dawdle.  Nothing like a good dawdle, once in a while.  Dawdling is a rare treat, and one to be savored.  I poked around the bookstore, even wandered through Michael’s.  Once Dave and the kids got back, full of stories of freaks and geeks, we took off for my mother’s house. 

From the time I was a little girl, my mother always made a point to decorate, wrap presents beautifully and makde us feel special on our birthdays.  We were allowed to pick anything we wanted for dinner.  This year, I chose lasagna.  My mom makes the best lasagna, and dinner was delicious.  We spent time with our feet in the pool, glasses of wine and a chocolate cake to die for.

Sunday was a down day, and then on Monday, we finally bit the bullet and went car shopping.  I have to say that Dave has always been a very good sport.  All through our marriage, I have been the one to drive the nicer cars.  He’s been stuck with some real dogs.  About three years ago, he was in an accident that totalled his truck.  In a lurch, we bought a used Ford minivan from my aunt & uncle.  Dave affectionately referred to it as “The Rolling Turd.”  He has never had a new car of his own.  The van was getting to the point that it would take significantly more to limp it along than to push it off of the nearest cliff.

We went to the Kia dealership, and he test-drove a Kia Soul.  He’s wanted one for a long time, but he hates the whole process of buying cars.  Rather than Good Cop/Bad Cop, he would prefer to stay out of it.  Ideally, he’d send me shopping with our cousin, Lisa…then we could play Bad Cop/Bitch.  After a surprisingly hassle-free, low stress experience, Dave has his first new car.  To say that he is thrilled is to completely understate the ecstatic fits he would burst into as we drove it to show my parents. 

Today, it was back to work.  After a long weekend, it seems even harder to get back into the swing of things.  Thank the stars it’s a short week.  I’m ready for another weekend.

Here’s to being forty-three.  I am a very fortunate woman, and I know that this is going to be a great year, thanks to family, upcoming weddings, the prospect of meeting new friends and to broadening horizons. 

Maybe forty-three won’t be so bad after all.