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May reverb


It’s May. We’re five months into 2011, and here at Reverb HQ we’ve been thinking about how transformative life has been since December’s #reverb10. What is shifting in your life? Have any of the seeds you planted during Reverb10 manifested?

In looking back over many of my reverb10 responses, I don’t necessarily see a path or the intention of planing seeds.  At the time, grief was fresh in my heart.  My beloved grandmother had just died and in many ways, I felt torn apart and lost.  The reverb10 project started as a whim and became a lifeline.

I had never been one to keep a journal.  In fact, quite the opposite, I had a strong aversion to anything so “permanent.”  I was always refusing to commit such personal information to paper or the internet.  I felt that it gave me the option to change my mind without making any sort of commitment that I could be held to.

Along came reverb10, and the process of sharing and introspection.  More importantly, it unlocked the door and allowed me to write.  writing has become cathartic, challenging and a necessary part of my day.

I don’t post to my blog every day, and I still write the posts out in longhand, first.  I am careful about how and what I share.  I try not to post anything that directly affects my family, my friends or my job.  It has, however, opened up some lines of communication with people in unexpected ways.  My mother and I had a long conversation about our memories of my stepfather’s suicide.  We have such different perspectives and there were things from that time that she didn’t know or didn’t remember.  She was a young woman, trying to deal with her whole world crashing around her head.

The best part about the blog that was launched on the back of the reverb1o prompts is the community that has gathered.  I have found friends, great writers and a whole new world to participate in.  I owe much of this to my friend, Lesley.  She had signed up for reverb10, and I casually clicked on the link in her Tweet.   I had no idea what I had gotten myself into.

To answer the prompt specifically, reverb10 was the catalyst for a whole new path in my life.  No longer am I simply an observer.  Today, i am a writer, a fledgling poet, a photographer and an artist.  I am a participant in life.  Maybe it was in me all along; but, thanks to the reverb10 project, I am a different person today, almost six months later.