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I had a cranky day today.  No good reason to be that way, mind you; and, I’m hoping that it wasn’t apparent to people around me.  It should have been better, as it started out on a high note.  When my husband got up I popped the television on, as I am wont to do every morning. 

“The Milagro Beanfield War” was on.  It’s one of those movies that I can watch again and again.  It always delights me.

I got up partway through the movie, and that’s when things started to backslide.  Sometimes, if your hair won’t cooperate,  or some “very important” person cuts you off in traffic, it can spin you in the wrong direction. 

I’m usually at work a good hour by myself before the next person shuffles in.  I love this quiet time.  I can go through emails, set up my to-do list for the day, drink a cup of tea and say good morning to my friends on Twitter.  All of this is done in silence.  Because it’s early, the phones don’t ring.

I’ve always been like this.  I’m not up for being social in the morning.  I don’t do “perky.”  I avoid Starbucks that early, because the frantic greetings and caffeine-fueled chittering drive me crazy.  Even as a kid, I would set my alarm a half an hour early, take a blanket and creep down to the kitchen.  In a corner by the sink, our cat & I would snuggle over a heat register on snowy Denver mornings.

This morning, emails on my phone started before 6:00.  My computer was slow and the phone started ringing at 7:15.  In true Momma fashion, my first reaction was, “Who’s dead?”

By the time our receptionist came in, any semblance of a good mood was gone, and I was ready to run screaming from the building, sit in a corner and cry, or punch someone.

The day progressed.  I had a fun lunch with my partner and a client.  I got a lot of work done.

I got home to find my husband making dinner and my two kids huggy and giddy, two days away from summer vacation.

Really…what the heck do I have to be so nutso about? 

Maybe there’s something to that full moon after all.

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