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On the way to Ben’s football game on Saturday, Ben and Dave got into a conversation about a trip to the grocery store.  Ben gets a bit fixated on things, so pinning Dave down on details as to when they would go and whether Ben could go along was priority one on Ben’s mind.

I asked what Ben needed at the store that was such a big deal.  Ben went curiously silent and Dave casually said, “a razor.”

“A razor?  For who?”

“For Ben.”

“Wait!  What?  What for?”  My not so gracious reaction. 

I turned around to look at Ben and asked, “What are you going to shave?”

Dave quietly informed me that he had started shaving at thirteen and that he was going to show Ben how to do it.  Apparently, peach fuzz is not even a requirement.

Up until recently, dealing with Ben involved the basics of kids’ hygiene…including a short battle to abolish Axe from our home.  Of course, the birds and the bees made story time early for our kids…we’ve got cable; but, we really hadn’t had much to deal with up until recently.

Suddenly, my little boy is interested in girls, clothes, the right haircut, etc.  According to Isabel, Ben is quite the little Casanova.


Maybe I’m not ready for all of this; but, I guess I don’t have much choice in the matter.  My kids are growing up…faster than I would like.