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I heard some rumors today, about changes coming to my former employer, a company that I affectionately refer to as the Evil Empire.  The changes are sure to signify the continuation of the downward spiral that office is on.

When I left E2, things there were not good.  The woman who had run my department so well for ten years had just left to run her own agency.  Those that took over were part of the proverbial Old Boy network, caring less about clients and the account managers tasked with taking care of those clients than with the bottom line and keeping the bigger share of the annual bonuses.  In the year and a half since my boss and I left, morale has sunk to stunning lows, clients have been shuffled around and the book of business continues to shrink.

For ten years, this agency’s reputation with local insurance reps was carefully nurtured.  It was our policy never to ask for something unless we really needed it, and never to abuse the reps unless they were really out of line.

Once we left, that changed, too.  I talk to reps daily that talk candidly about how the Evil Empire is always asking for things that make poor business sense, and threaten the reps.

Today, we heard that the man who made our life a professional misery has been “reassigned” and that the salesman that constantly tried to get my boss & I fired because we wouldn’t cave to his childish demands is to be the head of the department.  He is being promoted over the woman who was next in line, and who is eminently more qualified for a management position.  This man can best be summed up in one word…sleazy.

When I heard the news today, something that hasn’t been announced publicly, all I could do was congratulate myself for getting out of there when I did.  I still have good friends that work there, and I worry about what the future holds for them.  There are those that might not have jobs soon.

Maybe there is such a thing as karma.  This guy will not last.  He’s not cut out to be a manager, and with his reputation, they will have a hard time finding people who will work with him. 

Maybe it’s unkind to be so gleeful.  Maybe it’s foolish to listen to rumors.  Maybe for today, I am a bit mean-spirited.  I am happy in my new job, and work stress has faded away, compared to what I experienced there.

Maybe, just maybe for today, I don’t really care how mean it is.

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