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Maybe for tonight there’ll be one cocktail.  Maybe there will be two.  It’s not a habit…but, once in a while, a girl needs a drink with an umbrella in it.

I’m not a big drinker.  The same bottle of vodka has been in our freezer for over two years.  I buy the little, individual bottles of wine, because I can’t finish more than a glass at a time. 

That doesn’t mean that I disapprove or that I have a problem with others enjoying a drink.  I just don’t like to lose control.  I usually know that I’ve had enough when I feel it in my knees.  At that point, I need to either keep one drinking and get blotto, or go home and go to bed…after several glasses of water. 

With a history of migraines, I try not to do anything to encourage a headache; but, really, I just don’t like to let go and make a fool of myself.

So, maybe tonight, after all of the stress with work, family, illness and life in general, I’ll have just one.

(image credit – BB)