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May 1, 2011


I cannot believe that it’s the first day of May.  In some ways this year has flown by; and yet, with everything that we’ve been through this year, it seems like forever since the holidays.  This month, the NaBloPoMo challenge is “Maybe.”  It’s a chance to look at the possibilities in life…those that could have been, and those that still could be.

Soon, we’ll be in the dog days of summer, but today is the beginning of my favorite month.  I’ve always associated May with warm days, cool nights, excitement for vacations and the freedom from closed-toe shoes.  I’m a sandal girl at heart…well, I’m a barefoot girl, but I can’t get away with that in public.  Besides, the sidewalks here get freakin’ hot in the summertime.  You actually can fry an egg on the sidewalk here.

As I look out the sliding glass door of our bedroom, I can see the oleander blooming.  Oleander bushes are everywhere in this town.  They grow like weeds, and used to be planted to create living fences.  They are thick green masses that bloom into walls of white, pink or red blossoms.  They don’t require a lot of water, a plus in the desert southwest.  We planted them across the back our yard, to screen off the house behind us.  Our neighbors have an outside light over their hot tub, and when it is on, it’s like a jail-break in our back yard.  It shines directly into our bedroom.

One downside to having oleander in the yard…when you trim them, you have to be very careful to wash your hands thoroughly.  They ooze a milky white substance that can cause conjunctivitis.  Nothing like a little pink eye to go with your sunburn.

There’s a breeze rustling the branches of the sissoo tree, hinting at a still-cool morning.  In a while, I’ll head out to the grocery store, and wander the aisles as I drink coffee & sing tunelessly along to vaguely remembered 70’s songs.  I’ll talk to our butcher, a German lady with a delightful accent and a sailor’s cap on her head.  We’ll talk recipes, and I’ll probably come home to try my hand at some new way to make chicken, or with a new marinade for barbeque.

The possibilities of the day stretch out nicely…maybe we’ll spend the afternoon outside, or maybe we’ll just read, relax and spend the evening cooking together.  I like having the “maybe” of the day at my disposal.

Today will be a calm day, in advance of another busy week.  I hope that your Sunday is a peaceful one and that the “maybe” of your day provides happiness.

(Image credit – Moi)