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April 26, 2011

Grace in Small Things

Sunset over Surprise

It has been a week since I’ve been anywhere near my blog, and I have several posts to catch up with.  It was a rough week, and my heart just wasn’t into another “I’m worried” post.  I spend a lot of my time stewing over the events and conditions of the people that I love, that it gets tedious inflicting that worry on others.

SO.  On to some positivity, dammit!

1)  My daughter had her first official blood draw for her Medical Foundations class.  Consider it “Baby Med.”  This is the first step toward what she hopes will be a career as an ER nurse.  She did it, first try!  The only point she had taken off was for “Teasing.”  She hesitated with the needle, as she’d gone in just a bit too far.  She is such a cool kid.  She went to school, dressed for the part in her blue & purple scrubs with the peace signs on them, and her hair pulled back (if you knew Isabel, you’d know that the hair thing is a very big deal.)  She will make an awesome nurse…very calm, and collected.  We have been tossing about new nicknames for her this evening.  “Pokey?”  “Sticky?”  “Dracubel?”

2)  My husband volunteered to  be her first “victim.”  The teacher said that most dads tend to try to make their kids nervous or pretend to faint.  Dave’s not like that.  Isabel said that she knew Dave would talk to the teacher a lot (he’s a talker) and she was right.  The teacher was facsinated by Dave’s Bell’s Palsy, and they talked about it for a while.  All the time that she was talking to Dave, though, she was watching Isabel, and grading each step.  I was grateful that Dave would do it.

3)  My son asked a girl “out” today, and got turned down.  He wouldn’t admit it at first, as he’s notoriously shy about these things.  When we finally got him to talk about it, we asked if he was upset about it.  His response?  “Nah, she’s an eighth grader.”  He’s in the seventh grade.  Likes the older women, eh?  Oh, boy.  Are we in for it.

4)  My mom is feeling a bit better today.  She overdid it in typical fashion, cleaning her house and putting away all of the unused Easter decorations.  I’m grateful that she’s home, out of the hospital and looking forward to seeing my brothers next week.

5)  We are on the verge of winning a new old account…a group that we had worked with for several years invited us to compete as our new company, and we’ve got a good shot at getting it.

Hope you all are having a good week.  Thank you all for the well wishes & expressions of concern for my family and for me.  I am grateful for you all!

(image credit – me)