Flight of the Valkyrie 10 Day Meme: Day 9 #postaday2011

10 Day Meme: DAY Nine – Two Images That Describe Your Life Right Now & Why

1) Worry – I liked this image of a Valkyrie. Traditionally, they would decide who would die in battle. With my cousin in the fight of her life, I think that every member of her family and every friend would welcome the opportunity to take up the sword and beat back Death. This is how I would like be, a strong, graceful warrior, protecting my family from the everyday battles and warding off the hurts that come their way. If I could take on their worries and let them rest, even for a while…

2) Discovery – Through reverb10, and now through the online community, I am discovering a whole world of authors, artists, inspiration, and most importantly, friends. There’s a great deal of introspection in what I’ve been writing so far…apparently, forty-two years worth of pent-up words. I have managed to stay busy, with jobs, with children, with love and with loss. I poured myself into each of these things, without looking inward or allowing myself any sort of creative outlet. I’ve always relished the written word, paintings, drawings, music. I just never expected to try my hand seriously at any of them. I have friends that are artists, musicians, poets. Intimidation and the belief that there would always someone who could do it better would stay my hands. Suddenly, I feel like I’m standing in the waves on the shore, ready to strive for deeper waters. By reaching into the past, I am loosening the ties that have bound my hands, my words, and my heart. Better still, I am learning to say the words that I need to say to people. I can finally tell my family and my friends that I love them, and how grateful I am to have them in my life.

(I think I just figured out my April reverb prompt.)

  • Ten things you want to say to ten different people right now
  • Nine things about yourself
  • Eight ways to win your heart
  • Seven things that cross your mind a lot
  • Six things you wish you’d never done
  • Five people who mean a lot
  • Four turn ons
  • Three turn offs
  • Two images that describe your life right now & why
  • One confession
(image credits – ER Hughes and Dr. Philip Alexander)

7 comments on “Flight of the Valkyrie 10 Day Meme: Day 9 #postaday2011

  1. I like the worry-discovery pairing too. So difficult to see the ones you love struggle with fear and sickness.

    Know what’s helping me with worry right now? Eckhart Tolle’s The Power of Now.

  2. I love how you have paired worry with the promise of discovery here. I am sending healing wishes to those sharing the load of worry with you and I hope you all receive good news soon. As for the discovery — I am delighted I have discovered you and this space. Reading about your life has been a treat and, as Tracy said earlier, seeing this blog and your writing grow is an absolute privilege.

  3. A long time ago, I had a perfectly lovely conversation with an incredibly wise beyond her years woman named Jasmine. Being as we were both fans of Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time, the conversation then, and often in the time passed turned to the question of Hammer or Axe.

    All of these years, I’ve had a hard time coming to terms with the fact that I am at heart very much the warrior, and thus the axe. I’ve always seen it as being a choice between being a constructive force or a damaging one. You’re relating to the Valkyrie is very similar to what I’ve come to accept about myself recently.

    It’s okay to be the Axe when it means protecting the ones you love.

  4. I see how you are growing and branching out with your blog as time progresses and it is lovely – like a flower unfurling its petals to full bloom. You are in the midst of this process and doing so beautifully. Love you my friend!

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