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April 12, 2011

Grace in Small Things

Quiet day today…Dave was home, waiting to find out if he had to serve on jury duty.  I hate it when he has to work overnight…they have him do it once every other month.  As one that worked the graveyard shift for over a year, I know how hard it is to do.  You never get used to it, and I always worry that he’ll fall asleep on the drive home in the morning.

Hope that your week has started out on a good note…here’s today’s grace:

1)  Lunch outside – I’ve been taking advantage of the cool, breezy days.  We’re headed back up over 90 degrees this weekend, so we won’t have many more days where it feels good to be outside.

2)  Vanilla Coke

3)  Reading my cousin’s CaringBridge site.  Lisa takes time every day or so to update family & friends about her condition.  I try to touch base with her every day, via text or phone; but, the site is the place where she gives details about her day to day struggles with cancer.

4)  Ben’s first practice in full pads after injuring his hand.  After the warm-ups, he came over to get a drink, and I don’t think I could have smacked the smile off of his face!

5)  An email from Isabel’s Medical Foundations teacher, letting me know that she’s getting an “A.”