10 Day Meme: DAY Six – Five People That Mean a Lot To You


I am a lucky woman.  I have an amazing family and a circle of friends that has grown even wider lately.  I am pleasantly surprised to find that it was hard to limit my list to five people.  To those that are not named here, know that you are in my heart.  I am humbled by your friendship and your love. 

1)  Dave – It takes a certain kind of madness to put up with me on a daily basis, and Dave has done it every day for the past 19 years.  He proposed to me after knowing me a month.  To this day, when he throws up his hands in exasperation during an argument, I have no qualms about reminding him that HE asked ME to marry him.  In many ways, we’ve grown up together; and, I am so happy to say that we still share the same goals for our lives.  To this day, when we do take some time and go out for an evening alone, we find ourselves talking and laughing like younger couples in love.  Neither Dave nor I grew up with our fathers.  I had an amazing step-father, but Dave did not have the same influence in his life.  I am fortunate that he has made a concerted effort to be present and involved in every aspect of our children’s lives.  We compliment each other in parenting styles, and are proud of the people that our kids are growing up to be.  Dave is my friend, my partner, my sparring partner and my lover. 

2)  Isabel – Our daughter is discovering that she is more like her dad & I than she would care to admit.  She spends a lot of time thinking that her brother is our favorite; but, she has not idea how it is with parents.  Our kids are so very different.  Isabel has several nicknames in our house…Dirty Harriet, Dr. Phyllis, Squish, The Bell, Ishkabibble, Sweet Pea.  She wants to be an ER nurse, and I can absolutely see her being one of those sarcastic, but really amazing nurses, a la Nurse Jackie…without the husband/lover, drug problem issues.  She has no idea how beautiful she is…something her father and I are eternally grateful for.  She’s the one that all of the kids at school go to for advice, which cracks us up, since she’s had less experience than the next twenty kids in her high school.  She is my daughter.  I can not wait for the day to come that she comes to realize that I am her friend, as well as her mother.

3)  Benjamin – Booski.  Our son is the polar opposite of his sister.  School comes easy for him, but he’s much more naive than his sister.  When Ben was younger, we were encouraged to get him tested for ADHD.  Teachers had a hard time getting him to sit down & be quiet in class.  At home, self-control was always the thing that we had to work on with him.  With age, with the discipline of football, and with the help of some really great teachers, Ben has learned some valuable lessons in self-control & self-motivation.  Where he once got bounced out of the testing for gifted kids because he wouldn’t sit still long enough to take the test, now he is the Student Body Secretary at school, applied for and was accepted to the National Junior Honor Society, and just got accepted to the Cambridge University charter program.  He did all of these things on his own.  He’s got a heart of gold, and is kind to everyone.  He’s going to do great things someday.  I can’t wait to see what it will be.

4)  My mother – My mother is beautiful…inside and out.  She is kind and thoughtful, and everything that I wish that I were.  My mom was the one that made cookies for our class, was the mom all the kids wanted to be with on field trips, and the one that was always the youngest & prettiest.  When people say that I remind them of my mother, I take that as an enormous compliment.  She made sure that we always had dinner together when we were growing up, made sure that we always felt special on our birthdays, and made sure that we had resources and outlets when her second husband committed suicide.  I’m sure that we had our share of fights, as I know I was a snotty teenager; but, today, she’s one of my best friends.  I can tell her anything, and we can laugh together about the trials & tribulations I face with my own kids.

5)  My grandmother – I lost my grandmother last November.  Before that, my grandmother was one of my best friends.  She led one of the most glamorous lives and guided me through my young marriage & motherhood with her advice, her well-placed criticism and her love.  I miss her every single day.

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