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10 Day Meme: DAY Five – Six Things You Wish You’d Never Done

I don’t spend a lot of time on regrets; but, like everyone else, I’ve got a few.

I wish I had never:

1)  Let myself get distracted by a boy in college.  Oh, don’t get me wrong…he was a nice boy.  We met on the very first day of college, when our parents had driven us to the school, unpacked all of our stuff, kissed us & waved goodbye.  I went to a party that happened to be in his apartment.  That was all she wrote.  We were the antithesis of each other’s high school boyfriend/girlfriend.  We dated until well after we graduated.  Still, it would have been nice to branch out a bit, and date other guys, and more on my schooling. 

2)  Opened my mouth about something I was told in confidence by a member of my family.  In my righteous indignation, and fear for someone else, I told others in our family, and it created quite the drama.  Though I thought that I was in the right, it was not my place to say anything, and I am still deeply sorry.

3)  Jumped out of that swing in the sixth grade.  Eight weeks in a cast, and a surgery later, I can still see that view of the asphalt that I got on my way down.

4)  Let my son go with his friend to their church during Spring Break…though it wasn’t anyone’s fault, I wish that Ben had never cut his hand.

5)  Begged off seeing my grandmother toward the end of her life.  I have no excuse.

6)  Thrown a taco in my husband’s face.  We were much younger, working opposite schedules, tired all of the time, with two small kids.  Taco Bell had screwed up our (my) order and Dave was flippant about it.  I lost it, hit him in the face with a taco and watched him calmly get up, wipe his face off, and walk out the door.  At that moment, I was certain he would never come back.  He did come back, and we made up; but, to this day, we never have Mexican food without laughing over that taco.  He will NEVER let me forget it.

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