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10 Day Meme: DAY FOUR – Seven Things That Cross Your Mind A Lot


I have the attention span of a…well, of a Gemini; and, though I don’t go for all of that horoscope crap, I’ll admit that I always liked the idea of being more than one person.  I have fostered that within myself, choosing which face to show at any given moment.  I also like to believe that it explains why I’m happiest with several projects going on at once, the television on or music playing, and my laptop fired up.  My attention flits from one thing to another like a hummingbird.

Because of this, things cycle around in my brain…sometimes they circle back, and sometimes they’re gone for good.  If I had to pick seven things that cross my mind often, I can tell you that if I were doing this exercise next week, it would be a completely different list.  Let’s see what we skim off the top of the pool today:

1)  My kids – Sure, that’s an obvious one…probably on every parent’s list; but, right now, I seem to be particularly engaged in their lives.  At a time when a lot of parents are letting their kids drift away, Dave & I are trying very hard to be present.  A sub-section of this is Dave.  He’s working really hard, and is not getting the appreciation that he deserves at work.  I worry about him.

2)  Work – I like my job, and I’d like to think that I’m pretty good at it.  Because of that whole attention span thing, I can juggle several projects/clients at once.  It does mean that I often wake up in the middle of the night, remembering something I need to follow-up on.  I leave myself a lot of voice mails and send myself a lot of emails.

3)  Lisa – I think that Lisa would be pretty weirded out by how often I think about her and worry about her.  I know that she’s already tired of the color pink, and ribbons.  She just wants to get through this, and all of the sweet, “You can do it!  You can beat this!” messages tend to annoy her after a while.  I am trying to be the person that she can talk to and let her vent without being a complete Pollyanna about it.  I hope that I’m doing the right thing for her, when she texts me, saying, “The hair’s coming out in clumps now,” and I respond with truth.  “That SUCKS.  And, it’s weird that it’s happening so fast.”  That, instead of, “It’s just hair…it will grow back.  You’re beautiful on the inside.”  Bleh.  She IS beautiful, and truly one of the most thoughtful people that I have ever known.  I know that’s what people think that they are supposed to say.  But, really…if it were happening to me?  I’d just want somebody to say to me, “You’re right.  This BLOWS.”  She can beat this, and she is amazing; but, she’s human, and gets just as moody and tired of things as any of us would.  I would rather people be positive, yes, but genuine.  So, yeah.  I think about her a lot.

4)  The internet – All of the sudden, my little world went global.  I’m learning so much about how to do things…it usually takes me several tries to figure things out.  Getting a stupid badge to work on my blog just about drove me to drink one Saturday afternoon; but, I did it, and I get it, eventually.  My family is really surprised at how deeply I’ve gotten into the whole social network.  Even as recently as November, last year, I would never have imagined myself blogging, or on Twitter.

5)  Politics – As the only card-carrying Democrat in the office, I suffer a lot of grief from the uber-conservatives that I work with.  For every Obama crack that they make, I just draw another anti-Palin cartoon, or pull out my burnt-sienna colored pencil & color in pictures of John Boehner.  When the company president said that he was attending a dinner with “Dubya,” I clasped my hands together and said, “PLEASE tell me they’ll be serving pretzels!”

6)  Music – I can’t play an instrument, and I can’t carry a tune in a bucket, but I do love music.  I have music playing in my office all day long, and would have it playing softly while we sleep, if Dave could stand it.  I’ve always got some random song stuck in my head…right now, it’s a Level 42 song.

7)  Writing – Suddenly, I think of myself as a writer.  I may never produce the great American novel, and I may never be published, but I am enjoying the process of writing, reading about writing, and finding ways to become a better writer.  Who’d have ever thought?  When I was in school, I was an English major.  I picked that, because spending all of my time reading and writing about books sounded like an excellent way to get through school.  At the time, more than one professor would ask why I never spoke up in class.  Based on my writing, I had plenty to contribute, and expressed myself well.  Who know?  I enjoyed writing then, and I am rediscovering the process.  I carry pads of paper and pens with me everywhere, and I need to find a way to take notes in the car.  Writing while driving doesn’t work very well.

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