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April 5, 2011

Grace In Small Things

I like Tuesday evenings.  With Ben’s football practice three nights a week, Tuesdays and Thursdays are the nights we do things more slowly.  We can spend more time on dinner, clean up the kitchen, homework is done, and then I can sit down at the computer.  We sit at the dinner table and talk about our day.  Dinner together is something that my mother always insisted on when I was growing up, and I have kept the tradition.  I would like to believe that family dinners account for the fact that my kids don’t make me lose sleep.

I hope that your week started off well.  Things are quiet this week…not necessarily a bad thing.

1)  I started the morning off a bit grumpy; but, I soon found myself smiling & laughing, exchanging silly twitpics with my Twitter friends.

2)  Our COO treated us all to Starbucks this morning.

3)  Cuisine at Home magazine – well worth a subscription.  It comes out every other month, and always has at least two or three great recipes.  Tonight, I made the Buffalo Chicken Risotto.  I’d only done risotto one other time, and it hadn’t turned out very well.  Tonight, I took my time, and didn’t let myself get distracted.  It was really spicy, but really good.  The magazing contains really good step by step instructions and pictures.

4)  “Dr. Seuss trees” around our office.  I know that there’s an actual name for these pine trees; but, every time I look at them I want to break out into verse.

5)  Watching a REALLY cheesy ’80’s movie, “Black Widow.”  Theresa Russell and Deborah Winger…so bad…so GOOOOD!