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March 26, 2011

Grace In Small Things

Once again, I took a couple of days off.   Once again, my body reacted to stress after the fact, and I spent two days with a stress headache…after I was done being stressed!  So silly…I really need to find more constructive ways to deal with stress.

I actually wrote these things down yesterday, and today has been a really good day.  I’ll double up today.

1)  My future sister-in-law has been approved for vital medications for her MS.  This is HUGE, people!

2)  My mom booked our flights for my brother’s wedding in September, using points…FREE FLIGHTS! 

3)  One of the guys I work with went to lunch yesterday, and brought me some lunch back.

4)  Softsoap mango pomegranate body wash

5)  My daisy skirt…it’s circa 1994, but I love the dumb thing.  It makes me feel like springtime.  I love daisies.

6)  My son, cheering his football team on while standing on the sidelines, arm in a half cast.  One of my friends commented on what a good sport he is.  That made me so very proud.

7)  My daughter, helping with the down markers during the football game…even though her brother wasn’t playing. 

8)  A cool glass of wine, enjoyed with the breeze blowing through the patio door.

9)  Getting all of my chores done today, so that we can play tomorrow.

10)  Longer days of sunlight, hearing the kids playing outside.