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March 22, 2011

Grace In Small Things

Today was a pretty quiet day…which was nice.  No drama, no rushing.  Here’s hoping that you had a good day.

Today’s grace:

1)  Sitting at football practice, talking a mile a minute with a good friend.

2)  The prospect of lunch tomorrow with another friend tomorrow.

3)  Del Taco.  Where else can you get disgustingly good drive-thru Mexican food WITH french fries?

4)  A warm bath when my toes are cold.  Yes, yes.  I have no right to bitch.  I was wearing sandals.

5)  The feeling of relief when a random dog-walker moves past us, taking her really scary-to-me pitbull on their way.*

*As I type this, there is a report of a pitbull attack here in Phoenix.  Two pitbulls got loose, attacked a neighbor’s dog, and then turned on the neighbor and son.  People think that I’m a baby, but I am truly afraid of those dogs.