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March 21, 2011

Grace In Small Things

Today was a rare, rainy day here in the low desert.  Yesterday’s humidity was at 7%.  7!  Right now, it’s at 89%.  And you wonder why people have so much trouble with sinuses, or get sick so often here.  I am so much more comfortable in dry places.  Both places that I have lived are sunny & bright.  Mold is something we don’t think a lot about.  Arizona is definitely dry, and Colorado is even more so.  I can’t imagine what it would actually be like to live anywhere near the coast, or in the Mid-West.  We spent a couple of days in Florida this time in March a couple of years ago.  It was like being underwater.  Not only was it uncomfortable, but I had really stupid hair.

Stupid, flat hair aside, it is certainly a nice change of pace.  Hope your day was pleasant, weather-wise!

1)  Rain…the smell is something that grabs my attention and reminds me of being a kid. 

2)  Big Love ended last night…in a way that actually made sense.   We watched that show in horrid fascination.  There’s just no way that I’d be able to “share” a husband.

3)  A doctor’s office that set appointments for patients, and actually gets them in on time.  Our doctor’s practice is run that way, and it’s truly appreciated. 

*Bonus – we never feel rushed during our visits.

4)  Blooms on the sage bushes in our front yard.

5)  Wandering the aisles of Walgreen’s, marveling at everything from nose hair clippers, strange canned meat selections to the latest in housedress fashions.