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March 9, 2011

Grace in Small Things

Today has been a mixed bag…had a former client contact us to possibly work with her again, and lost a client that I’d not been able to establish a relationship with.  That happens, and it was nothing specific that I did…she was apparently still peeved about something that had happened with my predecessor.  There was going to be no winning her over…and I can be pretty damned charming, if I want to!

My cousin needed to get some medical tests done, and was texting me on the way to the appointment.  She had her four-year old with her, and was stressed about some stuff going on in her world.  I was in file maintenance mode at work and things were at a place where I could comfortably leave; so, I took off & met her at the medical office.  Her daughter & I played outside, drew pictures and looked at pictures on my phone.  I was so glad that my cousin could get her tests done with relative peace of mind, regarding her daughter.

I’m going to stretch out & find the grace for today:

wacky ballerina fairy princess


1)  Playing with a four-year old that knows how to work my phone better than me!  Little Smartypants!

2)  Helping my daughter set up her own nook account

3)  Filling out the parent portion of an application for our son to participate in an AP program in school.

4)  My daughter coming to me to see if I have any laundry that needed to be done.  (Had to pick my jaw up after that one!)

5)  The wonderful comments from fellow bloggers on my posts.  I am truly grateful.

Tomorrow morning, I go to the dentist first thing…let’s see if I can find something to mention about that!  Hope you had a good day!