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march 4, 2011







Every six weeks, my daughter and I have a standing appointment to get our hair done.  It’s a nice break for us to be girlie together, as neither of us is particularly girlie.

Lately, we’ve had more time at each other’s throats than fun time.  Chalk this up to hormones (more for her, less for me) the fact that she’s seventeen or that we are more alike than either of us cares to admit.  Every couple of days, we’ll have a knock-down drag-out, and in between, there’s a lot of snark.  The boys just batten down the hatches and hang on.

Salon day gives us a break from that.  Our stylist is a nice woman, and she does a great job on our hair; but, she is s-l-o-w.  This guarantees us the better part of a day together.  Usually, we head to the book store first, get a coffee and wander around, killing time before our appointments.  This is a time I cherish.  Isabel is typically in a talkative mood, and we can joke around without pushing each other’s buttons.

It goes a long way toward reminding Isabel that I love her, and that I actually like her, too.  It doesn’t hurt that we’re both getting a healthy boost to our self-esteem with new ‘dos.

Soon, Isabel will be making her own appointments and doing her own thing; but, for now, I am enjoying the “time outs” we get at the salon.