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March 4, 2011

Today’s been a rough day…I spent a good portion of the afternoon looking for my mother’s cat.  My parents are on a cruise, and the woman that is housesitting called me late last night, to say that she couldn’t find the cat.  My parents love that cat almost as much as they love their kids.  The only reason they have a housesitter is to watch the cat.

My parents live in a neighborhood that butts up to a mountain preserve.  There are coyotes and javelinas, large predatory birds…lots of things that could make a nice meal out of a fluffy little cat.  After combing the neighborhood, the housesitter & I realized that we weren’t going to find him.

My mother is going to be sincerely heartbroken over that stupid cat.    Knowing this, it was a bit harder to find the grace in this day; but, here goes:

1)  A nice glass of red wine with dinner.

2)  The fact that my parents are currently in the Caribbean, thus delaying by a few days the hurt they are going to feel, discovering  that their beloved cat has disappeared.

3)  Working for people that recognize that yes, it is dumb to have to leave work to go look for a cat; but, that also realize that I’m conscientious enough that my work will not suffer.

4)  Weather warm enough/cool enough that we can sleep with the windows open.

5)  The mutual admiration society that fires up every Friday on Twitter.  Follow Friday is always a nice way to end the week.

Hope that your day was better than mine, and that you have a good weekend.