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march 2, 2011


Today’s word, Sharing, was prompted by a conversation that I had with several folks on Twitter, and comments on a fellow #reverb10 blog mate.  She had posted a piece about how much or how little we hold back when posting.

This created a flurry of comments, as well as a spirited round of tweeting.

For the most part, we all use our blogs selectively.  Prompts from various projects provide subject matter.  Some use their blogs as a journal.  Many folks don’t use their real name, and don’t name the people in their lives.  Protecting the innocent, or something like that.  There are some that have created completely separate personalities, and set up blogs that are completely disconnected from their “real” identities.  In this way, they can write with no reservations.  They can be as free as they wish, and don’t have to deal with negative feedback from family or friends. 

I waded into the social network slowly, and relatively late.  I dipped my foot slowly into Facebook and was initially intimidated by Twitter.  Now, I prefer Twitter to Facebook.  I like that it moves so much more quickly, and the fact that my circle extends far beyond my family and work acquaintances.  I look at Twitter as a conversation that I can pick up on at any point.  Facebook is for keeping our extended family up on our day-to-day life.  My daughter & I stayed at my folks’ house last fall.  I had logged onto Facebook on their computer, and must have forgotten to close it down.  Now, my mother keeps it open, so that she can see what’s up with us….this, despite the fact that I talk to her at least once a day.  So, stuff on Facebook is mom-friendly.  She refuses to sign up for Facebook on her own.

The blog, well, that’s just because I was too long-winded to confine my #reverb10 posts to 140 characters. 

At each stage, I would sign up without really giving thought to my “identity.”  My blog name was based on a childhood nickname that my cousin stuck on me.  I didn’t really think about who would be reading things.  My real name is out there.  My former employer, or actually, former co-workers, are the kind that would skulk around my Facebook status and try to find things in my blog to use against me.  That sounds paranoid, but I went through a period of time where we had quite the little legal fight on our hands.  It’s died down, but the caution I used initially when writing is now a habit that’s hard to break.

There are lots of topics that I could go to town with.  My extended family and my in-laws provide a lot of material.  Because I’m not exactly sure which folks do click on the blog, though, I hold back.  I talk about my kids, my husband, and the struggles my cousin, Lisa, faces with breast cancer.  I feel a bit safe on that one, because she has her own blog and posts information in detailed fashion.

My blog is connected to Twitter, which is connected to Facebook.  Maybe that’s not the smartest thing; but, it does keep me mindful of my potential audience.

So, you’re probably not going to find me talking about my sex life, specifics about my job or trials with my extended family.  It’s too bad, because there are some pretty sick tickets in my world.