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february 27, 2011


This is the inaugural post for my participation in “Grace in Small Things.”  It’s a site dedicated to finding the joy in those things that we might otherwise overlook.  Each day, we are challenged with finding five small things to take note of, that bring us joy.

 On a quiet Sunday at home, I am grateful for the following:

 1)  Slow, lazy Sundays – a day to read, write, do a few chores and just be.

 2)  Blue skies and the clean green of everything after an overnight rain.

 3)  My sleepy dog, snoozing at my feet after a long walk.

 4)  The soreness of muscles after a much-postponed trip to the gym.

 5)  Knowing I have not one, but two new books loaded & ready to read in my nook.

 Here’s hoping that you find the grace in your Sunday.