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february 15, 2011

Dear Friends & Family,

First, a heartfelt thank you to all of you for your well wishes, thoughts and prayers for my cousin & friend, Lisa.  I went up to the hospital this afternoon, to see for myself how she is doing, and I conveyed all of the messages of love and good feeling from you.

The most important thing to know is that she looked good, all things considered. 

Lisa was awake when I got there, but in a lot of pain.  She did say that if she’d known just how much pain she’d be in, she might not have elected to have the spacers put in.  That’s the first step toward reconstruction.  The hardest part about last night was that the medication was not managing her pain very well, and made her very nauseous.  When one of her doctors came in this morning, they got things changed up, and that seemed to help.  She was able to eat something more than Jello & clear broth.

She had been up and around earlier in the day, while Tom was with her; and, aside from a quick trip to the ladies’, she was ready to stay put for a bit.  We talked a lot about the surgery, and what sorts of things had been discussed.  I will leave that for Lisa & Tom to disclose, but suffice it to say that some of the things that were posted for her on the Caring Bridge site are not entirely accurate.  The surgery went well, and there was something that the doctors are following up with, to determine next steps.  She still has a long road to travel with this, but her doctor was cautiously optimistic.  Overall, I feel much better after having seen her with my own eyes.

After I had been there about 1/2 an hour, our cousin, Amy, came in.  Anytime we’re together, we talk a mile a minute.  Pretty soon, Lisa was making us laugh like normal.  Amy had smuggled in some deviled eggs…don’t ask, and…well, to the nurses, our apologies. 

Lisa is hoping to go home tomorrow.  The doctors had given her the option to go home tonight; but, I think that she was more comfortable giving it another day.

Victoria was going to go up to the hospital with Aunt Cookie tonight, and I think that she will feel much better about her mom, once she sees her again.  She was there last night when they brought Lisa back to the room, and that was pretty rough.  What a brave, beautiful young lady Victoria has become. 

Emma is a little champ.  The kids & I spent the day with her yesterday…man, is that one smart little stinker.  She is such an active little kid, and is developing the funniest little personality.  We had a good time playing & she got to go to Ben’s football practice. 

Tom was better today.  I’m sure that seeing Lisa up & around, with better pain management, had to help his spirits, as well. 

 We will continue to keep an eye on them, and help wherever we can.  I would just ask that you all keep your good Juju, as Amy calls it, flowing Lisa’s way.