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february 4, 2011

The idea for today’s post is credited to Elizabeth, at Letters from a Small State.   If you get a chance, pop over to her site, and look around.  There are lots of wonderful things to discover.  She put together a list of 50 things that make her feel normal.  Several of my fellow bloggers took up the exercise, and I was completely charmed by the idea.  Some folks tweaked it a bit, to Normal/Happy.  I liked the idea of that, so I put together my own list.   

It’s funny…once you actually sit down, with pen in hand, and start making a list, you look at your day, people and things around you.  As you tune in to those things, big & small, all of a sudden, you start to realize that there are lots of little reminders to pull you up out of the doldrums.  With so much strife in the world, and the stress of our daily responsibilities, finding something to nudge us back out of being pissy, whining grumps certainly has to be worth something.

As I got to 50, I found that I could have kept right on going.  I’m sure that there’s some overlap from my list to those posted by my friends; but, that just goes to show how much we all have in common.  So, if you see something familiar in my list, know that it’s something that made me sit up a little straighter & think, “Me, too!”

Here we go…

  1. Curling up on the sofa, giggling with my daughter.
  2. The nightly good night kiss from my son.
  3. Sweet peas from my garden
  4. Talking to my mother as I drive home from work.
  5. Kissing my husband (and other things, too!)
  6. “Clocks” by Coldplay
  7. Listening to Sonia Fitzpatrick, the Pet Psychic, on satellite radio.  I don’t necessarily believe in it, but she’s so sweet to each of the callers, and make them feel that their pets are happy, no matter what.
  8. Twinings Lady Grey tea
  9. Wandering through a bookstore, picking books at random and going home with all sorts of new reads
  10. Cherry Tootsie Roll lollipops
  11. Slowly strolling up & down the beach, the tide gradually rolling over my feet, listening to the waves, feeling the breeze, the briny smell…my soul is completely at ease.
  12. Highlighter pens in every color of the rainbow
  13. “Amelie”  I could watch that movie, or pick up at any part, and drop everything.  I did it again tonight.
  14. The excitement of packing for a trip.
  15. Friday night pizza & Rock Band with our cousins
  16. Driving with the sunroof open
  17. Sitting in our family room, with all of the lights off but those on the Christmas tree
  18. Black olives…green ones, too; but, our family should really buy stock or start our own olive tree groves
  19. Coming home to our dogs…they are always waiting and “talk” to us as we come in & set our stuff down
  20. Cats purring…I miss our two cats.  We lost them both within 2 weeks of each other, after 18 years.  It was my “Where the Red Fern Grows” nightmare
  21. Drawing with new colored pencils
  22. Aspen trees shimmering in the sunshine
  23. Star Wars – and discovering other Star Wars nerds
  24. Cheering (loudly) at my son’s football games
  25. Taking my shoes off at the end of the day.  I really prefer to be barefoot.
  26. My sparkly pink stapler
  27. “24”  I watched every single episode of that dumb show…even during the season of the cougar.  Jack Bauer is a bad ass.
  28. Singing along with cheesy, 70’s ballads.  It’s embarrassing that I know as many of them by heart as I do.
  29. A tall glass of ice-cold milk
  30. Laying on our bed, looking out at our back yard when it’s raining.
  31. That tight, tingly feeling of my skin after a day in the sun
  32. Waking up early on Sunday morning, remembering that it’s Sunday & rolling over to go back to sleep for just a little bit longer
  33. Soft, fluffy towels, fresh from the dryer
  34. My toes after a pedicure
  35. The wobbly leg feeling after a good workout
  36. Homemade potato salad – creates the need to go back to the gym!
  37. The way that my daughter still calls me “Mommy”
  38. Talking & laughing with good friends
  39. Playing hooky and spending the afternoon at the art museum
  40. Monsoon thunderstorms that rattle the windows
  41. Reading – I’ve always got at least one book and a couple of magazines at my fingertips.
  42. Emails from my “baby” brother – he’s the writer in the family, and his emails are disturbingly entertaining
  43. Helicopters – I’m fascinated by them, and need to figure out a way to ride in one
  44. Late night IM chats with my best friend from high school
  45. “One” by U2 featuring Mary J. Blige
  46. Being migraine-free after suffering with them once a month, EVERY month for 30+ years
  47. Our annual “Trip to See Snow”  Dave, the kids & I take a day, and drive up to Flagstaff.   We spend the afternoon playing in the snow and stop for pie in Cordes Junction on the way home.
  48. The sunrises/sunsets over Phoenix…they are magnificent
  49. The smell of rain
  50. Spending time each day writing – a new outlet for me, and one that has become invaluable.