January 9, 2011

Today’s topic, “What do you do to stay entertained when you’re snowed in?”

Hah!  I live in Arizona.  There is no “snowed in.”  There is “stuck inside because it’s too damned hot.”  There is “don’t go outside, because the monsoons are blowing and we’ll be lucky if the power doesn’t go out.” 

And, there is “it’s Sunday, I don’t have to be anywhere, I think I’ll stay in bed & watch movies all day.”

I don’t find myself snowed in.  A couple of days before Christmas, we actually got a few little flurries here.  Rather than stay inside, the whole of Phoenix ran outdoors and collectively looked up in wonder.  I lived in Colorado for ten years, so I’m not as enchanted by snow as others are than have lived in Phoenix their whole lives.

It was sweet to see little kids instinctively stick out their tongues to catch the snowflakes as their moms said, “It’s snowing!  See the snow?”

It was fun to watch a group of teenage boys run outside from a deli, exclaiming, “It’s snow?  DUDE!  It’s snowing!”

It was refreshing to go back to the office and be asked by my coworkers, “Did you see the snow?”

As for snowed in…no such luck.