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January 3, 2010

What’s the single most important thing you accomplished in 2010?



Yes, I’m shouting!  If you had told me, as late as mid-November, that  I would be participating in an online exercise, that I would decide that 140 characters was not enough, that I would be talking about such personal things as were prompted in #reverb10, that I would start a blog and actually post something every single day in December, I would have helped you to find your insurance card, so that we could verify your mental health benefits.

This is not something that I expected to be doing.  I have a very, very short attention span, and I am a horrible procrastinator.    (What was that?  Oh, I’ll look later.)

Add to that my penchant for keeping my feelings extremely private, and the fact that I’m a huge control freak, I wouldn’t have bet money on my starting up & posting a blog for just anyone to see, comment on or pass judgements on.  Boy.  I’ll bet you’re wondering how I ever got married, huh?

I’m not one to take initiative in something like this, so now that reverb10 is done, it remains to be seen if I will continue on, using only the prompts.  I’m hoping to branch out & post outside of the daily prompt cycle.   

I’ve been reading the blogs of folks that have been doing this for longer than the month of December.  While I don’t necessarily expect to create any sort of following, I’m finding this whole process really cathartic.  I’m discovering that I like having something to do at the end of the day.  I’m sleeping better at night, since I’m focusing some of the nervous energy that would normally result in grinding my teeth down to the nubs and yelling in my sleep.

The hubby is sleeping better, too, although I don’t know how any of us sleep through all of our snoring.  (Yes, I admitted that, too.)

The fact that I committed to something, stuck with it & met the challenge is a huge accomplishment for me.  Oh, I’m a great project starter…it’s the finishing up that I have a hard time with.  Our house is littered with all sorts of things that I have started & abandoned.  There’s the cross-stitch baby quilt that’s about four colors of thread from being done…the baby is five.  There’s the various painting, beading and ceramic projects on shelves in the garage & in our closet.  There are cookbooks galore, for all of the meals that I have planned and never cooked.

It’s January 3rd.  I’ve written every day since December 1st.  I’ve shared more with complete strangers than I’ve told some of my closest friends.  I’ve opened myself up, and I’ve discovered that it feels pretty good.

Where will this take me?  Who knows, but damn…it’s turning out to be one hell of a ride!