December 28 – Achieve

by admin on 12/27/2010 in Prompts

December 28 – Achieve

What’s the thing you most want to achieve next year? How do you imagine you’ll feel when you get it? Free? Happy? Complete? Blissful? Write that feeling down. Then, brainstorm 10 things you can do, or 10 new thoughts you can think, in order to experience that feeling today.

(Author: Tara Sophia Mohr)

Ugh.  That was my first reaction to this prompt.  No disrespect to Tara Sophia Mohr; but, honestly, I’ve done more introspective work than at any other time in my life…well, except for my years in college.  (Don’t we all do more than our fair share of navel-gazing during college?)  I was stumped.

I’m not the sort to make resolutions.  Quite frankly, I don’t have the attention span to remember them even a month into the new year.  I am just like the dog in “Up.” 


Where was I?  Oh, yeah.  I’ve got to figure out what I want to achieve, and figure out how I’m supposed to get there.

I want to achieve a sense of fulfillment…in my children, my marriage, my friendships, my work, my art and my body.

Just typing that is daunting, until I break it down into bite-sized pieces.

If I spend more time with my kids, whether it’s shuttling them to practices or club meetings, hanging out with them in the evenings, or even in the time I spend nagging them about chores & grades, I know that they will go forward understanding my love for them, and I will be fulfilled.

If I take the opportunities that pop up every day to tell my husband that I love him, that I appreciate him, that I wish he’d turn his socks right side out when he puts them in the laundry, he’ll know that I couldn’t imagine life without him, and that I’m so happy to be his partner.  I will be fulfilled.

If I reach out to my friends, and say, “Thank you for being my friend, through good times and bad,”  they will know how lucky I am to get to share in their joys and their struggles with their marriages, their jobs, their parents, their kids.  I will be fulfilled.

If I do my very best each day, my work will allow me to help people.  My best will ease their minds and provide them with the ability to use their benefits to the fullest extent possible.  I will be fulfilled.

If I continue to write, to draw, to find new ways to express myself, I know that my every day stresses will find an outlet other than headaches and grinding teeth.  I will be fulfilled.

If I continue to take better care of my body, through exercise, relaxation, laughter, and smarter choices, I will feel even better than I do now.  I will be fulfilled.

I look forward to the new year.  I see the potential for so many new experiences, and the opportunity to make new friends.  It’s exciting.  I’ve taken my first bite of the apple, and I’m ready for more.