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December 13 – Action

by admin on 12/12/2010 in Prompts

December 13 – Action

When it comes to aspirations, it’s not about ideas. It’s about making ideas happen. What’s your next step?

(Author: Scott Belsky)

My poor toes.  Every time I look at my feet, I think, “Poor piggies.” 

I’ve lost the toenails on the second toe on each foot.  I was blessed/cursed with my mother’s feet:  long, skinny, with second toes that are longer than the others.  Some say that this is a sign of intelligence, and while I agree, of course, I recognize that any sort of Action I intend to take in 2011 must start with the care and concern for my toes.  After all, the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

I recently signed our little tribe up with a gym.  I did this for several reasons, but for purposes here will limit it to one:  I’m vain. 

The picture of what I look like in my head does not match what I get standing in front of the mirror.  As a result, when photographs of me surface, I’m unpleasantly surprised…who is that chubby blond over there, standing in the kitch…oh, wait.  Crap.

So this brings me back to my abused toes.  My first activity at the gym is the treadmill.  I can listen to music, read my nook or watch a movie while I walk.   Unfortunately, because my second toes are so long, they bang into the front of my shoes.  If my toenails are too long, and because I’m primarily in sandals, they usually are, it bruises the nail bed.   This time around, they got bruised enough that I lost at least part of the nails.

I thought about trying to go barefoot, but that doesn’t go over too well with the gym rats.  Besides…gross.

I searched high & low for runner’s sandals.  This is Arizona, for Pete’s sake.  Surely, someone would carry these, right?  Runner’s sandals are surprisingly hard to find, but I eventually did find some.  They are horrible.  The only color I could get is exactly the color of putty.  They are neither fashionable nor flattering.  They are certainly not as cool looking as all of the color coordinated, racing striped, aerodynamic confections sported by all of the other “serious” exercisers.

They are, however, supremely comfortable.  Once I got over the sensation of having naked toes in a place where most people expose everything but, I felt pretty good.

Without worrying about my toes, I could step up the pace on the treadmill, increasing the effectiveness of my workout.

By increasing the effectiveness of my workouts, I’m feeling better about me.  Feeling better about me directly translates into being better in other areas:  a better wife, a better parent, better at my job and a better citizen of the world.

So, relax, Piggies.  The ugly sandals are here to stay.  Maybe I’ll glue some sequins on “em or something.

Now that’s a plan of action!