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Throughout the month of December, I’m participating in reverb10.  Each day, we receive a prompt & respond accordingly.

December 6 – Make. What was the last thing you made? What materials did you use? Is there something you want to make, but you need to clear some time for it? (Author: Gretchen Rubin)

About two years ago, our son, Benjamin, asked us to sign him up for a competitive tackle football league.  He’d been playing flag football through Parks & Rec, but he really wasn’t the competitive or aggressive type.

In addition, he has always been more of a follower.  It’s something that my husband & I have worried about.  You never want your kid to be the gullible one in the group, you know? 

I still remember the first practice where they actually started hitting drills.  Most of the kids on the team had never played before.  This meant that most of the mothers on the sideline had never seen their kid get creamed before.  That first crunch of the pads had all of us moms on our feet.  The only thought going through my head as Ben got knocked on his can was, “How fast can I run to check on my baby before they kick me out?”

Now, however, the other moms & I cheer from the stands and yell things like, “GET ‘EM!  HIT SOMEBODY!”

Through his experience playing football, we’ve watched Ben change significantly.  He carries himself differently and exudes a confidence that he’d never shown before.  Ben has always been the kind of kid that you had to keep busy…he was the kid that teachers had to tell to be quiet or to sit down.  With football, he’s become calmer, realizing that he’s part of a team, and that he has to take others into account.

This year, especially, he’s taken on a leadership role with his team.  He may never be the biggest, or the fastest; but, he KNOWS the game, and he knows what is supposed to happen on the field.  Even if he doesn’t go any further than a high school team, he could be an excellent coach.

This change in Ben has translated to a leadership role at school, as well.  This fall, he decided to run for student body secretary.  He had to come up with posters, and they could only be as big as a sheet of notebook paper.

Although Ben made the actual posters, like the one below, I helped him to come up with the design and made the template for him to use to cut out all of the components.  We used cardboard, construction paper & foam stars.

I’m proud to say that Ben won the position in a landslide, and now goes in early every Wednesday for student body council meetings.

It was nice to put aside the normal chores of our routine and do something creative.